ACR Installation Policy

When your job is signed and a check provided, it is time for installation process to get started. A set price is given to the subcontractor so the company can maintain a profit margin. This price is a percentage of what you pay and it is much lower than you think. As an example, big box retail places keep 40% or more of the labor price and I am sure it is the same everywhere. So regardless if extra work is required to do the job correctly, the installer cannot take the extra time to do it right because he will lose income. You may also notice other things in the installation, like they may not take the time to discuss details of the project and you just end up with items in locations that make sense to the installer, not you. Sometimes these shortcommings take time to come to the surface which of course is after the warranty expires. Sometimes they are much bigger problems like a leaky shower. At ACR kitchen and Bath, when subcontractors are used we don’t put that kind of stress on them because we must have job done right to continue to grow in the internet era. We give them a range of time it should take to complete the installation. Sometimes they run over on time and sometimes they get done early. Everybody wins or breaks even, but the customer has gained the highest quality of installation. A perfect value.

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